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Live Text

Show your message at a concert , EDM party or any other fun place you can imagine with our new and intuitive display application!

Improve your party experience!
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Green Ticket

The Green Ticket app notifies you if a green ticket for Sofia's public transportation system is available today.

See if a Green Ticket is available today!
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Air Sofia

Get notified about the air quality in Sofia with the option to choose between 22 stations located in the city.

Check air pollution in Sofia!

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Hi, I'm Stanimir and I love to make moblie apps. My goal is to create apps useful for you and that you can use in your daily life. We work hard to give you the best experience when using our apps. Have fun!


Hello! My name is Emil,and I've been working professionally in web development for over 4 years. My passion lies in creating high quality, user firendly apps and with stemosoft I am able to transfer my knowledge of creating web apps to the mobile world.